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Liens’ Tatooine Residence

Liens’ Tatooine Residence

Hello — we built a “double ecodome” here in Lucerne Valley, California, a rural area in the high Mojave desert. Though it took some time to get the plans approved, they were indeed approved. This was with the help of the architect, Cal Earth Institute of Hesperia, CA. We are in rural San Bernardino county. In general, the county was very supportive of our efforts and we got final over a year ago. My feeling is, it depends where you go, on what the code folks will approve. Ultimately, it is the county’s best interest to promote safe “green” construction methods. There are, as I speak, at least two other ecodome projects going up in our general area, both coded by the county.

Source: http://www.lienecodome.blogspot.com/

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