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We routinely ask readers to document their projects and allow us to publish them on our Projects page at EarthbagBuilding.com. This enables other readers to learn much more rapidly. It’s the old “two heads are better than one” except here we’re dealing with thousands who are working together and sharing ideas. Very powerful.

Eyebrows protect window and door openings on domes

Eyebrows protect window and door openings on domes

A perfect example is a project called Angel’s Dome in Mexico that shows a very practical and simple way of building ‘eyebrows’ – arched protective overhangs – over doors and windows on domes. Even though many domes are built in deserts, many are built in areas of higher rainfall and eyebrows offer a good, low-cost solution for protecting doors and windows from the elements. Angel’s detailed photos enable others to utilize this technique. It’s so effective that we’re planning on using the same method on an upcoming project. Thanks for sharing.

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