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Free downloadable plans for the HNC House (Haitian National Congress) are now available at Teach Democracy.org.

Be sure to check out their other amazing resources that will be used to help rebuild the Haitian economy. This is the most promising Haitian reconstruction plan that I’m aware of. Please spread the word.

Previous blog post about the HNC House
HNC House Loft Detail

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Here’s a new project I just found. Full text is below. This is all I know at this time. Their website doesn’t provide any more info. Please let us know if you hear of more details.

Since January 2010 Happier International has been focusing on the current housing issues in Haiti. Our goal is not to create temporary housing but rather a permanent low cost solution that is not just affordable but also environmentally appropriate. We have taken into consideration several issues such as average annual temperature, hurricane factors, seismic stability, availability of building materials and skilled labor force. Our research has let us to the conclusion that “Earth bag” technology meets all of our criteria and does not require the use of expensive building materials, or the reliance on foreign manufacturing and importation of construction materials.

Our goal on this project is to provide financing for the development of an “Earth bag” construction company in Haiti. This will require the acquisition of land so that we may create a housing development project. Homes can be presold based on a model house design, and buyers will be able to participate in the construction process as a way to cut costs. The company will also make available skilled labor and technical support at a reasonable cost. Affordable financing options will also be made available to the consumer.

Beyond just housing development we recognize that it’s also about the rebuilding of a community that address the needs of all its citizens, including parks for children, proximity to grocery shopping, churches, and proper infrastructure of roads, health clinics etc. Our goal would be to equip each house with its own independent water, septic and solar/wind electricity as well as passive cooling.

Happier International

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I just found these new videos on YouTube and know very little about them. I’m eager to learn how they propose to build the large vaults, because these are very difficult to build with earthbags.

The first one is an animated video showing how to build a dome. The second video is a fly-through of a proposed project in Haiti.

Building an Ecological Dome:

Ecological Emergency Village in Haiti:

More information (see Projects)

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