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This just in from Kelly Hart:

“Dr.Jenny Pickerill recently traveled around the world on a Winston Churchill Trust Travelling Fellowship on a quest for information and insights on how folks in England (where she teaches at the University of Leicester) might better address needs for sustainable housing. One of her stops was in the rural area of Colorado state, where I live, and I had the pleasure of spending time with her, introducing her to some of green building activity in this area. Back at home in England now, Jenny has issued a preliminary report on her findings, which she is allowing me to quote below. I feel that her conclusions are pertinent to most places in the world.”

Read the rest at Kelly’s Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture blog. (His blog was rated #1 on the topic a while back.)

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Over the years Kelly and I have built up a great deal of free online content to help those looking for low-cost, sustainable building options. The amount of information has grown so vast that I now refer to these sites as “our family of websites”. If you’re looking for dirt cheap, DIY, sustainable building information then I encourage you to search our sites. You’ll find dozens of free articles, book reviews, videos, Q&A from experts in their field, photo galleries, house plans, and on and on. Enjoy.

Our websites include:
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